Fish 2.0 Webinar - What's Involved and Why Get Involved

February 22, 12pm - 1pm U.S. Pacific Time

Want to learn more about Fish 2.0 or on the fence about applying?  Hear from 2015 Fish 2.0 finalists and runners-up about what they got out of the process, what they wish they had known beforehand, and hints for success. Four entrepreneurs will present their experiences and there will be time for Q/A with them and the Fish 2.0 team. This webinar is free and open to all.  Join us and hear firsthand about what its like to be in Fish 2.0! 


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The webinar is held on Adobe Connect which will require Flash and Adobe Connect Add-in on your computer, or the "Adobe Connect App" on your tablet/phone.

Connecting with a tablet or phone?

  • If you are using a tablet or phone, FIRST make sure you have the “Adobe Mobile Connect” App downloaded. Get it on the Itunes or Google Play store.
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No Sound?

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