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Click on the following to see a selection of reports aimed to help investors get familiar with the investment opportunities that exist in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 

Fish 2.0 Investor Insights

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These orientations pack information on market size and dynamics, key strategies and success factors, and top growth opportunities into a one-page quick read.

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Fish 2.0 Publications, Market Reports and Case Studies

Fish 2.0 2015 Market Reports

In 2015, Fish 2.0 published the following reports to help investors learn about some key areas of interest relating to the sustainable seafood industry. Click on a report to dowload the free, 4-page document (PDF).

Fish Feed
Rights-Based Management

Seafood Supply Chain Graphic

Seafood Supply Chain Graphic

This infographic was developed for the competition by Manta Consulting Inc to give participants an easy snapshot of the supply chain and where the competitors fit into it.

Financing Fisheries Change

Financing Fisheries Change: Learning from Case Studies

Manta Consulting. A report assessing the state of fisheries conservation and the central role that financing plays in that field. The report highlights 11 case studies of innovative financial and governance structures and approaches to conservation being used to achieve impacts in the fisheries field, synthesizing the lessons learned to help foundations, private philanthropists, NGOs and other project developers in their work (Jan 2011).

Manta Consulting Website

Manta Consulting has worked at the intersect of Fisheries and Financing for over 15 years. Many of our recent publications can be found on the Manta consulting website.


Other Seafood Industry Info

State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture - FAO

State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2016

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A biannual report with data and projections on fisheries, aquaculture and the economic impacts of each. (Rome, 2062).

Fisheries of the US- NOA (2015)

Fisheries of the United States (NOAA - 2015)

A comprehensive industry report from NOAA including US wild fisheries, aquaculture, as well as global catch of different species. The introduction gives market values for each segment of the industry.

State of Private Investment in Conservation

State of Private Investment in Conservation 2016, A Landscape Assessment of an Emerging Market.

Ecosystem Marketplace; A Forest Trends Initiative. The report asseses the state of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries as an emerging development, and discusses the contributions of Fish 2.0, Aqua-Spark, and WorldFish Incubator to the acceleration of investment towards aquaculture enterprises in developing countries. The report also lists and analyzes investment funds which are targeting sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. (December, 2016)

Transparency & Traceability

Advancing Traceability

Advancing Traceability in the Seafood Industry

Fishwise, Jan 2017. The report summarizes the seafood traceability landscape, including current challenges, a discussion of international and regional governance, and steps that seafood businesses can take to improve the traceability of seafood within their supply chains.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility in the Global Seafood Industry

Fishwise, Dec 2016. The report identifies a range of important conventions, pieces of national-level legislation, initiatives, and key players that are working to improve industry practices

Fish 2.0 Market Report: Traceability

Fish 2.0 Market Report: Traceability

Fish 2.0, 2015. The Fish 2.0 Market Report on Traceability explores the role traceability plays in the sustainable seafood sector and provides detailed information on opportunities pertinent to investors.

Southeast Asia

Indonesia Fisheries: 2015 Review

Indonesia Fisheries: 2015 Review

California Environmental Associates, Prepared for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, 2016. This resource is a report on trends in coastal marine resources and fisheries management in Indonesia. This report aggregates the best available data on fisheries statistics and trends in order to provide an evidence base for policymakers and other stakeholders.

Aquaculture Industry Background

Aquaculture Industry Highlights

Aquaculture Industry Highlights (2013).

This infographic highlights the industry value and production of key aquaculture species in the U.S. The largest, for example, is the oyster segment, valued at $152 million.

Fish 2.0 Market Report: Aquaculture

Fish 2.0 Market Report: Aquaculture

Fish 2.0, 2015. The Fish 2.0 Market Report on Aquaculture provides a synopsis of key trends and opportunities pertinent to investors.


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