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Thinking about scaling your business to large- scale buyers? Thinking about customer acquisitions and market channel strategies?


Wondering what type of capital is best for your venture? Need a balance sheet or income statement template?


Preparing for you pitch?


Thinking about how to measure your impact? Need metrics?


Wondering how to pivot and get to plan B?


Thinking about legal issues and intellectual property rights for start-ups?

Market reports

Want to help investors understand your market? Share these


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Customer Acquisition and Strategies

  • “Finding and Working with Large Scale Buyers.” Fish 2.0 Webinar from Phase 2. Learn about best practices for working with large-scale buyers, wholesale / retail outlets, and other major players in the supply chain. A key theme in this panel is the evolving landscape of sustainability and health in procurement. Speakers include Pierre Asseo of Wabel, Phil Gibson of Resilinsea and former Seafood Group Director at Safeway USA, and Kendra Klein of Physicians for Social Responsibility. FISH 2.0 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Download or listen from Fish 2.0 Hub
  • "Finding the Right Customers for Your Business." Fish 2.0 Webinar from Phase 2. Learn about best practices, lessons learned and valuable experiences from customer acquisition and market channel strategies.Speakers include Mark Magers, Jessica Kramer and Sarah Williams, who have built businesses around Fair Trade chocolate, farm to table produce, and convenience store foods. FISH 2.0 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Download or listen from Fish 2.0 Hub


Pitching Resources – for Phase 4 only

Impacts and Metrics

  • “The role of impact in your business” Fish 2.0 Webinar.  Participants in this discussion gained valuable insights into positioning their Impact story, and how to create and leverage environmental and social metrics to engage impact investors. FISH 2.0 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Download on the Fish 2.0 Hub
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  • IRIS. a catalog of impact and performance metrics, with standardized definitions, that an increasing number of impact investors are using. Good for social metrics.
  • Impacts Grid. A simple 2x3 framework for approaching social and environmental impacts.
  • Article on Measuring Social Impact, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Strategic Planning Resources

Legal & IP

Fish 2.0 Market Reports: Investor updates on sustainable seafood

The Fish 2.0 team has published the following reports for investors wishing to get up to speed quickly on some key areas of interest relating to the sustainable seafood industry. Click on a report to dowload the free, 4-page document (PDF).

Enrichment and Stories about what others have done

  • Ted Talks for start-ups ranging from “how to get your ideas to spread” to “pitching to VC’s”
  • “Start Up - Season 1” An excellent podcast series with insider view of the start-up process. Fun and addictive – as well as educational. Gimlet Media (Podcast series for purchase)

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