• Report: Algae Market to Reach $45bn by 2023

    • Emma Cosgrove
    • August 15, 2017

    After gaining “superfood” status, the market for algae could reach up to $44.7 billion by 2023, according to a new report from Fish 2.0, a business competition designed to increase investment in sustainable seafood startups.

    This year, the competition has seen a marked increase in the number of algae-focused startups applying to take part, with more than 10 of the 80 startups making it through to phase three (of four) of the competition working directly with algae.

    The new free report explains that algae could transform industries if propagation and distribution are able to mature. The report argues that market demand is already in place and coming from many different industries.

    Algae convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into fats and proteins that can be used in oils both for eating and fuel, as well as protein consumable by both humans and animals, and it also contains prized micro-nutrients.

  • Geomar acquisition just the beginning for Walton family-backed company’s investment goals

    • Jeanine Stewart
    • March 3, 2017

    The Geomar acquisition is only the beginning of seafood investments the Walton family-backed holding company Pescador Holdings has its eye on.

    The investors behind the deal view this as a beginning step in the execution of core firm goals, and they have the backing to execute them; a link to one of the wealthiest families in the world.

  • Lanzan concurso para emprendimientos de la industria pesquera

    • Santiago, Chile.
    • 7 de febrero 2017.

    Convocatoria organizada por Endeavor y Fish 2.0 busca conectar a startups con inversionistas.

    Con el objetivo de aumentar la red de contactos de los emprendedores del rubro pesquero, Endeavor Chile, como partner regional de Fish 2.0, invita a las empresas ligadas a esta industria a postular al concurso que se realizará en noviembre próximo en la Universidad de Stanford, California. />

    Fish 2.0 busca conectar a negocios sustentables del mundo pesquero con inversores y expertos de la industria, con el objetivo de entregar una asesoría y obtener acceso a nuevo capital o socios.

  • Fish 2.0 y Endeavor invitan a emprendedores ligados a la industria pesquera a destacado concurso

    • Santiago, Chile.
    • 3 de febrero 2017.

    - La convocatoria que busca conectar a las empresas con inversionistas del mundo pesquero y potenciar el sector agropecuario, se llevará a cabo en noviembre en la Universidad de Stanford, California.

    ¿Quiénes pueden participar? Todas las empresas, incluyendo start-up, relacionadas con la industria pesquera o ligadas a la comercialización de los productos y/o la cadena de suministro.