The 2017 Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum

November 7 & 8, 2017. Stanford University, California

The Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum is an invitation-only event. A code is required to register for the event. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

See the leaders of 40 investment-ready ventures present innovative approaches to meeting global market needs in the sustainable seafood sector, onstage at our third biennial event. The theme this year: Growth in a Changing Marketplace.

If you’re a sustainable seafood investor, or you’re considering investments or business activities in the sector, you won’t want to miss this chance to learn about seafood’s cutting edge

Join us for a unique event focused on growing the sustainable seafood sector

The Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum takes place over two days and is the Fish 2.0 competition’s final 2017 event. In addition to pitches from 40 seafood entrepreneurs, we’ll hear debates and discussions with seafood and investment leaders from around the globe, plus an update from one of our fast-growing 2015 competitors.

Each day will include plenty of time to meet the entrepreneurs, share your experiences and opinions with like-minded investors and industry experts, and network with potential partners for future activities in the sustainable seafood arena

This invitation-only gathering provides you an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Gain early access to investment-ready businesses in the seafood sector
  • Meet fellow investors
  • Learn about impact investing in fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood
  • Meet experts in fishing and aquaculture who can help with due diligence
  • Discuss barriers to and opportunities for growth in sustainable seafood
  • Connect with philanthropic investors to discuss new deal structures


Download the complete agenda here. Times and dates are final.


40 companies will present at the Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum:

American Unagi (U.S.) - New England

BitCliq (Big Eye) (Portugal) - Transparency & Traceability

Blue Ocean Gear (U.S.) - West Coast

Blue Water Metrics (U.S.) - New England

Fishery Networks (Indonesia) - Southeast Asia

ColomboSky (Italy) - Transparency & Traceability

EnerGaia (Thailand) - Southeast Asia

Didds Fishing Company (Solomon Islands) - Pacific Islands

Enseñame a Pescar (Peru) - Chile and Peru

F4F: Food for the Future (Chile) - Chile and Peru

Fishery Micro Finance (Indonesia) - Southeast Asia

FishExtend (Chile) - Chile and Peru

Gaskiya Diagnostics (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Indigo Seafood Palau (Palau) - Pacific Islands

IQMI KnowYourFish (Canada) - Transparency & Traceability

Kepley BioSystems, Inc. (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Mako Seafood (Myanmar) - Southeast Asia

Natura Seafood (Indonesia) - Southeast Asia

Northline Seafoods (U.S.) - West Coast

NovoNutrients (U.S.) - Supply Chain Innovation

Nutrition Technologies (Vietnam) - Southeast Asia

OneForNeptune (U.S.) - Supply Chain Innovation

Panacea Oysters (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

PatBio Feed (Chile) - Supply Chain Innovation

Pensacola Bay Oyster Company (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Pesca En Línea (Chile) - Chile and Peru

Real Oyster Cult (U.S.) - New England

Sandbar Oyster Company (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Seafood IQ (Iceland) - Transparency & Traceability

ShellBond (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

ShellTrak (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Shepherd Islands Organic Seafood (Vanuatu) - Pacific Islands

SmartCatch, Inc. (U.S.) - West Coast

Sustainable Fishery Trade (Peru) - Chile and Peru

ThisFish Seafood Traceability (Canada) - Transparency & Traceability

TunaSolutions (Australia) - Transparency & Traceability

VakSea (U.S.) - South Atlantic and Gulf Coast

Verifik8 (Thailand) - Transparency & Traceability

ViAqua (Israel) - Supply Chain Innovation

Ynsect (France) - Supply Chain Innovation

Hotel Information:

Be sure to book a hotel if you will need one.

View a list of hotels with special rates. The list of hotels also includes codes for reduced rates.

Parking will be available for participants at the Galvez Lot very close to the event, for $8 per day.


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